this is our legal purpose as a co-operative: we actually have two. The first is about being a co-operative and the second is about what we - Equal Care Co-op - have set ourselves up to do.

What the Rules say

"The purpose of the Co-operative is to carry out its function as a co-operative and to abide by the internationally recognised co-operative values and principles of co-operative identity as defined by the International Co-operative Alliance. This rule may only be amended by an Extraordinary Resolution."

Where the co-operative values and principles came from...

The Rochdale Pioneers and beyond
And here are those values and principles, set out below. These are what eccoo has signed up to by becoming a co-operative. How are we doing?

Our objects

"The objects of the Co-operative shall be to carry on the business as a co-operative, in particular by delivering a fair, relationship-centred, co-owned care and support service that matches, supports and develops the users and the givers of the services of the Co-operative.
Users of the services of the Co-operative may also give paid and voluntary care and support and participate in any other activities which advance the aims of the Co-operative.
The Co-operative may carry on any other trade, business or service as the Members deem fit."
We know. It's not particularly snappy. But those are the Rules for you.