"So there's a couple of people saying this, a couple of people saying that..."
The role of the Delegate is to represent the interests and decisions of the Circle to its broader Circle. The Circle selects its Delegate(s) and this is confirmed by the broader Circle. A Delegate is a full member of both the Circle and its broader Circle (the broader Circle consents to the Delegate proposed by the more focussed circle). The Delegate and Leader roles may not be combined.
This is an important role for ensuring all voices are heard - the Delegate pays great attention to the sociocratic value of equivalence. The Delegate is a highly consultative role, seeking out and looking to clarify opinions of individuals both within circle meetings and outside them. Like the Facilitator, the Delegate must be good at judging the overall mood of the circle - where is it at? How are people feeling? Unlike the Facilitator though, the Delegate must be looking at this in a wider context (past, present, future and where and how the circle sits amongst the other circles in the network or organisation).
If the Leader pays attention to the future, the Secretary to the past and the Facilitator to the present, the Delegate must transcend all these and pay attention to the gestalt - beyond time!
Role Responsibilities
  • Pays attention to the different voices and opinions in the circle
  • Full Circle Participant of the circle and its next broader circle
  • Reports bottom-up to the wide context of the circle
  • Participates as an equal in the broader circle decision-making
  • Keeps track of their Circle's work and overall experience (how transparent is it, how happy are people with it, within and without the circle)
Role Qualities
  • An excellent listener
  • Notices and respects differing views, perspectives, opinions
  • Alive to the experience of marginalised identities and unheard voices
  • Actively seeks out and consults others
  • Can summarise different views and separate out their own opinion within them
At least six months to a year.
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