Circles - who decides

what they are and how they work

We want our decision-making to be:

  • High-quality

  • Inclusive

  • Transparent

  • Made in good time

Eccoo runs on self-governance using a hierarchical structure of semi- autonomous, inter-linking Circles which are responsible for policy decisions within their areas of responsibility.

  1. Each Circle is guided by input from the more general circle it is linked to and co-operative members through the Circle thread in the main Equal Care Co-op Forum on Loomio.

  2. Every Circle has:

    1. Aim - A description of its purpose

    2. Domain(s) - The work areas and tools it has control over

    3. Term - how long will the Circle run for?

    4. Membership - the people who are part of the Circle and how to join

    5. Work Roles - the roles the Circle creates to fulfil its aim

  3. Circles are linked to one another in a hierarchical structure. Broader Circles set or consent to the aim and domain of more-focused Circles within the broader Circle’s domain.

  4. Linked Circles have overlapping members: The Leader and the Delegate. These shared members form a link between broader Circles and their more focused Circles, so that influence may flow in both directions (in hierarchical terms, both top-down and bottom-up). Because Leader and Delegate are also Full Circle Participants of the next broader Circle, they have to be confirmed by that Circle.

  5. Except where confidential or sensitive information is being discussed, all Circle Meeting Records are visible to all Members of Equal Care Co-op.

You can find out more about our governance structure at

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