working in circles

Every co-operative member can become a full participant of a Circle. However, (with the exception of the Purpose Circle) we expect the majority of circle members to be Worker Members or people we employ who decide not to become co-operative members.

This section should be read in conjunction with the recruitment, selection and role-shaping policy.

The intention of the Circle is to be inclusive and welcoming, balanced with the responsibility to respect and commit to the Circle's progress towards achieving its aims.

A Circle can set additional criteria for full participation relevant to the Circle’s domain as long as they are clear and transparent.

No one may be denied joining a Circle or asked to leave a Circle on the basis of personal preferences.

New Full Circle Participants may be asked to “get up to speed” by talking or working with a Participant between meetings so as not to slow down the work of the Circle.

If a Participant is having difficulty following the guidelines of a Circle, the Circle may initiate a respectful and open-minded conversation to support them in doing better or leaving the circle. This may or may not trigger a grievance and disciplinary process.

As a last resort, if difficulties are not resolved, a participant may be asked to leave a Circle by a proposal requiring consent. This participant may not object to the group’s decision. This may or may not trigger a grievance and disciplinary process.

Guest Participants Attending Circle Meetings: Co-operative Members of any category are welcome to attend any Circle's meetings but may be asked to absent themselves for any confidential discussions. Guest Participants can always participate in a meeting's opening and closing go-rounds. Circles will reserve up to 15 minutes near the beginning of a Circle meeting to hear any concerns. The Circle may choose to invite anyone to present or comment on any topic at any time. The Circle may choose to include a guest in go-rounds.

There are three types of Circle Participants: Full Participants, Learning Participants and Guest Participants.

Only Full Participants can be nominated to be responsible for eccoo governance roles.

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