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What the Rules say

"In accordance with the Co-operative Principle of education, training and information, the Co-operative shall provide potential Members with information about what the role of a Member is within the Co-operative and will provide training in the skills required to be a Member and to participate in the operation of the Co-operative.

The Co-operative shall provide ongoing education and training in co-operative values and principles and associated topics. The Co-operative shall support its Members by ensuring that general meetings are accessible and encourage participation."

what these bylaws say

Our co-operative will offer:

(a) A proper thank you and recognition for your contribution, whatever that may be. We value all our members and the different perspectives they bring to the organisation.

(b) A Members Welcome Pack (induction) to help you get to know more about who we are and how we work together to achieve our aims. We will give you information in lots of different ways (online text resources, audio, videos, printed handbooks and illustrated guides). We all learn about and interact with the world in different ways.

(c) Plenty of encouragement and support from your fellow members to help you learn about the organisation and about co-operative ways of working. Asking questions is a strength.

(d) For Worker, Supported and Advocate Members, support from one individual in particular - your Link Person - who will be your buddy and go-to person for any questions you may have and to help you identify what will help you to feel like you can make your best contribution.

(e) A quarterly welcome event for all new Members to optionally attend.

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