advocate members

eligibility for advocate membership (you represent someone being supported)

What the Rules say

Advocate Members

"A person may be admitted into membership as an Advocate Member subject to them meeting specified eligibility criteria as determined by the Board from time to time and in accordance with the Society’s membership offer. A person may not be admitted as an Advocate Member if the person they are advocate for is a Supported Member or has the capacity to become a Supported Member."

If someone being supported has fluctuating abilities to be involved, they can still become a Supported Member themselves and appoint a relative or friend to act as their proxy.

What the bylaws say

To become an Advocate Member:

(a) the person for whom you are an Advocate Member must be being supported by Equal Care Co-op. If they stop being supported by Equal Care Co-op this automatically ends your Advocate Membership.

(b) there is a short application form to complete of the following three questions:

  1. Why do you want to be a member of Equal Care Co-op?

  2. What is it about the Equal Care vision that matters to you most?

  3. Please can you tell us about a particular concern or issue about care and support work that you would like to see change and see Equal Care Co-op doing?

(c) you need to agree to the Members' Commitment

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