peer supervisor

"(You're brilliant). How are you doing...?"

To be a Peer Supervisor for someone you will:

  • Be part of their welcome to Equal Care Co-op and support them to reflect on the work they are doing.

  • Be an informal mentor and cheerleader for that person.

  • Meet regularly, no less than once every three months (for independent workers) or once every couple of months for employed workers - you and your linked person decide this together .

  • Support problem-solving. Share the problem, solve it together, enlist others' help. You will have a resource list of who to go to in the coop to help with different issues and a checklist of where to find information.

  • Remember their birthday! Mark special occasions and co-ordinate kindnesses.

  • Remind others about any health or accessibility needs your linked person has and ensure equipment, venues, meetings, events etc are bearing these in mind.

  • Keep them up to date with news (as appropriate).

Being a peer supervisor can be a lot of work, or a little, depending on who and how many people you are linked to, their strengths, needs and experience.

  • Everyone contributing their labour to Equal Care Co-op (regardless of whether they are a Member or not) has a peer supervisor.

  • People offering their time as peer supervisors will set up a profile of the style they use and what they can offer which will be available for all to see. Supervisor and supervisee choose one another based on their own preferences and experiences.

  • You cannot be a peer supervisor for someone if you have trouble seeing their value and potential or if you already have a close friendship with them and this would interfere with the peer supervision process.

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