worker members

eligibility for worker membership

What the Rules say

Worker Members

"Any person that is an Employee or providing paid or voluntary services via the Cooperative which for the purpose of these Rules shall be known as “Workers” may be admitted into membership except that the Co-operative in a general meeting may by an ordinary resolution decide to exclude from membership:

(a) Newly appointed Workers during such reasonable probationary period as may be specified in their terms and conditions of engagement;

(b) Workers working less than a prescribed number of hours per week (or per month);"

What these bylaws say

Newly appointed workers, whether they are employees, independent workers or volunteers, must:

(a) complete the probationary period defined in their Equal Care Co-op contract or agreement.

(b) satisfy any membership eligibility criteria defined in their Equal Care Co-op contract or agreement.

(c) complete a short application form to become a Worker Member answering these three questions:

  1. Why do you want to be a member of Equal Care Co-op?

  2. What is it about the Equal Care vision that matters to you most?

  3. How do you see your contribution to Equal Care Co-op growing or changing over time?

(d) agree to the Members' Commitment

(e) not be subject to any unresolved concerns, complaints or issues to do with their behaviour, work or conduct.

You can find out more about membership from your contract or agreement with Equal Care Co-op or talk to your Link or a member of the Purpose Circle

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