circle records

how and where each circle keeps its records

Each circle shall create and maintain a logbook located at that includes but is not limited to:

  1. Circle's Aim

  2. How the Circle fits into the co-operative's vision, mission, aims, bylaws, rules, procedures and strategic plan (i.e. which aspects is the Circle paying attention to or taking responsibility for?)

  3. Diagram of the Circle structure

  4. Budgets of both the Circle and how that fits into its parent Circle

  5. Circle policy decisions and meeting notes

  6. Circle development plans

  7. Individual members’ aims, process and work roles and responsibilities, and development plans

  8. Any other documents that record the business of the Circle

Circle members shall have a copy or easy access to a copy of the circle logbook. Circle members shall maintain their personal logbook with their aims, roles and responsibilities, development plans, and any other documents related to their individual roles and responsibilities as circle members.

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