"The secretary never forgets..."
The role of the Secretary is to manage the affairs of the Circle and perform tasks related to its functioning, such as arranging and announcing Circle meetings, preparing the agenda in consultation with other Circle members, distributing study materials and proposals, taking minutes or ensuring that minutes are taken, distributing minutes, and performing any other tasks assigned by the Circle. As the keeper of the records, the Secretary interprets policies when questions of meaning or intent arise.
Role checklist
  • Keeps track of the tasks in the backlog and keeps these in view
  • Keeps track of the Circle Budget (if one exists) and presents variances and expenditure at each Circle Meeting
  • Supports planning the agenda, adding from the backlog
  • Keeps track of all circle documents
  • Interprets the meeting minutes in case of disagreement
  • Ensure the meeting is recorded: Attendance, Decisions, Actions and important notes
  • Ensure everything is stored accessibly and transparently
Last modified 4yr ago