Our rules & bylaws

These are the governance and members' rules set by the directors and approved by the members. The bylaws include Equal Care Co-op's Rules of Incorporation.

This site (https://work.equalcare.coop) is our bylaws. They don't exist anywhere else. Any printed documents or other electronic documents which aren't in this site may not represent the up-to-date agreed version of how we work together.

Our bylaws and their connected policies and procedures (located at our soon-to-be-public policies.equalcare.coop) are reviewed once every year at the least but it's better to think of them as an on-going, dynamic picture of the decision-making processes and working practices we're experimenting with at the moment.

Each new publication version of this Gitbook document represents an update agreed as part of a Purpose Circle meeting and is based on feedback and input from members. Changes can be small or big.

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