logbook keeper

"Also known as sysadmin, historian, dogsbody, pedant, record keeper extraordinaire..."
The role of the Logbook Keeper is to maintain the Equal Care Co-op logbook. The logbook keeper is accountable for maintaining a group’s logbook. This is the repository of all documents, meeting minutes and information relating to Circle and organisation operation and policy.
The Logbook Keeper also holds the role of Equal Care Co-op's lead Data Protection Officer and Caldicott Guardian.
Role checklist
  • Ensure details of Circle agreements, domain descriptions, selections, evaluation dates, minutes of meetings are recorded in a transparent and accessible way.
  • Organizing relevant information and improving the system when valuable
  • Lead on training Circle Secretaries
  • Keep records up to date and follow up to ensure this is happening
  • Ensuring accessibility for Co-operative Members in the wider organization
  • Attending to all technical aspects of logbook keeping
  • Lead on ensuring data protection and confidentiality policies are in force (see Work Roles in relation to these)
  • Ensuring financial accessibility and access to budgetary information, income and expenditure for other Circle Secretaries (working closely with Equal Care Co-op's accounting roles)
Last modified 4yr ago