long-term decisions

These are the decisions which affect how the co-operative does its work over at least a six month timescale. This also covers any decisions mentioned in the Rules of incorporation.


All members of the co-operative (supported, workers, advocates, investors).

When do they meet?

Four times a year: one annual general meeting and three general meetings.

What do they decide?

  1. High-level strategy

  2. Who joins the board

  3. Distribution of surplus

  4. Dismissal of members

  5. Annual budget

NB: Decisions will be made using the Consent process in the first instance with the Voting to follow.

Any jargon I need to know?

The 'Members Circle' is the same as the 'General Meetings' section of the Rules which discusses meetings of the members (parts 42 - 72). Its processes are as set out in the Rules of incorporation.

The Members Circle uses the same organising processes set out in the everyday decisions section, with some additional support for making decisions with large groups.

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